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The company’s philosophy
As an African who grew up in the western world , I’ve always loved everything about Africa , the colours , the fabrics , Arts , food and culture. It is this love that birthed the idea of having an online store that represents everything Africa stands for to the world. The name EFIÈ means Home! The concept of this name is that every piece you buy from us will bring you a home feeling, where you feel safe , peaceful , joy and most importantly sense of identity. The softness and warm texture of our beddings , pillows , paintings and Home decor will bring you to a world of your own where the chaotic pressures of the world doesn’t exist .

Home is where your Heart is right ? Our mission is to empower you to create your own world wherever you call home. Efie is a new , authentic and beautiful Homeware brand inspired by African heritage . We pride ourselves in making unique handmade products that bring culture , history and light to your home. Everything we create has our you, our customer in mind. From the designs of the fabrics , the texture ,colours and the final product. we envision how each pillow , throw or dinning set can distinguish your home from others. Our products are rich in African culture that tell different stories as we select the finest materials and fabrics from all over Africa to create original accessories and soft furniture for our you.

Why Choose Us

Using the best of materials, elements and designers, quality of products is always assured. Every item from Efie is made and put on sale with your home in mind. And since our products and designs are mostly inspired by African heritage, their authenticity and longevity is never lost. Our products should last you a lifetime. It’s more than just making and putting on sale hardware products for your home, it’s culture, heritage and the future for us.

The only thing that can match our love for pretty things is our passion for helping our customers. Our approach to service is simple: we will do everything we can to make sure that you’re not just satisfied with your purchase — you’re thrilled. That means whether you’re shopping online, calling or emailing us from across the globe, you’ll always be greeted with the highest level of personalized attention.

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