tuesday musings – bustling bolgatanga

It’s been exactly one week since I got back from Bolgatanga, visiting our weavers, and after recovering from the back log (!), it’s time I let you in on a little bit of Bolga life.

Bolga is a bustling market town in the far north of Ghana, about 45 minutes away from the Burkina Faso border. While there isn’t a whole heap of stuff to do there, in terms of typical tourist jaunts, it is rich in culture and the people make this town the warm, hospitable and happy place it is.

Stay tuned, more to follow!

IMG_2490Day One – and as the sign says, it’s time to kick that London pace into touch. Let’s take it down a few notches!

IMG_2493A visit to Bolga isn’t complete if you don’t end up coming home with one of these babies! Their most famed artisan craft – Bolga Baskets.

IMG_2519Mama’s Place – my humble grey and pink abode for the week’s stay. Honeycomb driveway not gone unnoticed! How bang-on trend.

IMG_2528Colours are what I miss most, when not there. The bright sunshine, the batik cloth and the blue skies. They’re everywhere.

IMG_2527IMG_2770In-between meetings, I get to whiz through the streets on a motorcycle and chuckle away at some of the signage

IMG_2634Market days happen every three days in Bolga, and they are a delight to be part of. Action action action! It was a nice overcast day on my visit. Perfectly warm but not too hot!

IMG_2531Local life – how to tell if a weaver is at home!

IMG_2662Local Designs. This is the signature design that is seen all around Bolga and the surrounding countryside. More about this in a separate post!

IMG_2659After a hard, stressful yet productive day, you can be guaranteed that the ride home washed in the sunset, does wonders to unwind and relax you before bed time.



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