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As our post yesterday introduced (HERE), our beautiful autumn collection of cushions is about to launch for sale tomorrow. Exciting! But what is more exciting is the story behind them. We’ll keep it brief but, here goes …

Being lovers of weaving and all things hand made, we came across Daniel & his Cloth Company on one of our many searches on the web into what’s being woven in the British Isles. Discovering that this micro-mill was less than a half hour’s bicycle ride away, we got in touch to see what was happening and whether a collaboration could be entertained. Much to our delight, indeed it could be!

Not wanting to create yet another jacquard or tweed in run of the mill colours, I presented to Daniel the bright blue, yellow and deep indigo that would suit efie best and after some further discussions about how the final cloth would look, we mutually concluded that however it turned out, it would be blooming gorgeous!

Around 4 weeks later I visited the mill again to find the most exquisite indigo blue woollen cloth on the footpowered hattersley, mid-weave. My heart skipped a beat. How gorgeous it looked! After a further four weeks or so at the finishers, our final cloth was ready – clan blue, canary yellow and deep indigo, ready for rolling up and shipping out. Quickly turned into cushion covers by our dearest seamstress, Sev, they are now at efie HQ and ready to go on sale tomorrow!

British tradition is reborn, revived and reinvigorated in Daniel’s micro-mill and we are absolutely chuffed to bits to have been able to collaborate with he and his team. Such is the extent of history in the micro mill, you can see etched into the wooden frame of the warping mill, the initials and sometimes full names together with the years for which the different workers were in charge of the great machine.

On seeing the photos below, you might wonder how on earth Daniel managed to get these machines into the mill in the first place! You would be right to wonder and, believe me, there is many a story to be told there but, we’ll save that for another day. Who knows, if you’re in Hackney next time Dan opens the mill up to the public, you can ask him yourself!

Know your maker!

Over and out.

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