The word ethical conjurs up many a thing to many a different person so, without wishing to overwhelm you with long, wordy paragraphs, simplified, ethical to us means the respectful and honest treatment of the makers, environment and every element involved in the process of bringing our wares to your doorsteps.

a bit more …

We can’t guarantee that the delivery man will be using a van fuelled by a green resource every single time but, where we have the power to, we opt for the ethical option, every time. This means you can buy our products safe in the knowledge that:

No children were harmed in the production of the cushion you’re lusting after. Our workshops are people friendly;

Our talented weavers are paid fair wages;

Everyone with whom efie deals  is respected and trusted. We elect to work with people who share a similar interest & respect for people and our planet as we do.

We use natural textiles (where possible), to prevent harm to the environment. The reverse panels of all our cushions are currently linen; linen is made from Flax, which is easy to grow and does not require pesticides so it’s ethically sound in the same way as organic cotton. However, sometimes, when working with artisans based in remote communities we don’t have access to an eco-friendly fabric,  and we must make do with the next best option. Currently, our cloth from Ghana is cotton. We are working hard to turn this into organic cotton but, in a continent where growth of organic cotton once picked gets shipped to Europe to be spun into yarn to sell to the global markets as thread, we’re struggling to gain viable access to organic threads to weave with in Ghana. We’re people with a mission!

Our papers and inks for marketing materials are eco-friendly;

We bank with Triodos, the most ethical and transparent bank currently on the market.

The above list is by no mean exhaustive but are a few of the elements we deem essential in order to produce a socially responsible product.  We are always striving to become even more ethical and are on the hunt to bring organic cotton yarns to Ghana so that we can create 100% eco-friendly cushions. We’re half way there! If you can help, then please drop us a line. We’d be over the moon to hear from you!