Based in East London, efie is a young textiles brand.  We hold a passion for hand woven cloths, skilled craftsmanship and ethical production. We partner with accomplished  artisans, to develop hand crafted wares, that are made into product in London. Efie’s onus is on individuality and quality over bland mass production, supporting age old, time honoured,  traditional textile making techniques.

Our select range of cushions has been designed in the UK in collaboration with our weavers, and hand woven in northern Ghana. As both the front and back panels of our cushions are hand woven, each variation in the weave enhances the cloth, creating a textile rich in character and truly authentic.

As a social enterprise, our aim is not to sell our wares so that profits line the silky pockets of shareholders; rather, after modest salaries are paid and artisans fairly recompensed,  funds thereafter are channeled back into the business to further our main mission: to empower the women weavers we work with in Ghana.

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